Coffee shop culture

It is not just about coffee, also socialization like spending time with friends and family, reading books, making business deals. But also many people also spend time alone in this cozy atmosphere provided by most coffee shops. With a modern age and included Wifi it became a perfect place to spend your time in any way you choose, was it business or pleasure. Also changing the environment and getting away from the office helps creativity to do its best. Holding meetings, job interviews or making business deals became more relaxed, unofficial and even more private than in the office.

All this in the package and much more makes up coffee culture in coffee shops. It is a great way to spend your free time with loved ones. If you take a walk down any street in Great Britain, you will not need more than five minutes to bump into a coffee shop.
Coffee shop giants such as Costa and Starbucks as leading ones are making this culture prosper in every possible way. Offer that is provided to the customer is just amazing. And a role of coffee shops for economic uplift and surrounding business is becoming bigger in every day. Coffee has become an everyday beverage in almost every human’s life repertoire.

Coffee culture at home

Much British still enjoy their coffee at home. The Even third has some form of the coffee machine in their kitchen. Buying quality coffee is possible in any way and place, and the choice is outstanding. According to statistics, British home domination is instant coffee.
No matter what coffee you choose to drink at home choice of coffee machines is incredible. Either you choose manual espresso machines, bean to cup machines, capsule machines to filter coffee machines quality of your coffee will be at maximum level.

So spending your free time with a best possible cup of coffee is also achievable at home, so there is no need to leave your favorite quiet and comfort corner.

Interesting coffee facts

It is most popular stimulant drink in the world. The coffee bean is discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd while guarding his animals and noticing them eating coffee berries. Most expensive coffee types are from the beans which passed through the digestive systems of Indonesian monkeys and civet cats. Third of world’s amount of coffee is produced in Brazil, and all coffee plantation is located by the equator. Turkish wedding vow requires from the groom to promise his bride that he will always provide her coffee. After oil coffee is the second traded well in the world. Some dental research concluded that some chemicals in coffee efficiently block some bacteria from teeth. Nation drinking more coffee than any other is Dutch. British drink approximately more than 55 million cups of coffee per day. Forty-two bans are spent for one cup of espresso. Coffee beans are seeds. Word “espresso” actually means “to press out” from Latin verb. Coffee even beat wine in flavors, yet six times.