Coffee and Food: The Perfect Pairing

From just a dessert to a full breakfast, it is always good to have a sip of coffee along with your meal. This delicious drink goes really well with food and it boosts  your digestion.

Fruit, cheese, chocolate, baked goods and breakfast food all go extremely well with coffee. Fruit based sweets and fresh fruit in general are light and healthy and they go well with some coffees. Just take it easy on the sour tones and you will have a perfect combination of food and drink in the morning.

Berries, stonefruits like apricots, plums and peaches and all go well with certain sorts of coffee. For example, I have found out that berries go really well with Haitian and Kenyan coffees but Jamaican and Yemeni coffees are best with blueberries.

Peaches or apricots, baked into sweets or fresh, are the most delicious paired with Tanzanian coffee while fruit tarts are best with Costa Rican and Brazilian roasts. Since certain types of cheese go well with fruits, you can even try these combinations. Logically, if you like cheesecake you can naturally assume that it goes splendidly well with various types of coffees.

Coffee and chocolate

Coffee and chocolate make a simply perfect combination and it is a long-standing favorite among drink and food pairings that many would choose. To people who know their coffee it makes a perfect sense to have the Espresso with chocolate.


Since chocolate goes almost into all bars and cakes, if you choose brownies or chocolate cake or even just fruit dipped in chocolate you cannot go wrong at all. And if you just love any type of chocolate like white, milk or dark chocolate, then you will be able to enjoy any type of coffee to the maximum of your ability.

The last thing on my menu is baked goods. Cakes, biscotti,  breads, doughnuts, muffins, shortbread or scones, they all go perfectly well with all sorts of coffees. Have a nice meal with a cup of coffee.